Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hangover

I'm not a huge fan of modern comedy. Most of it tries too hard, aims for the lowest of laughs and assumes that the only comedy that's funny requires bodily fluids, naked women to distract you from the lack of real jokes and an overpaid actor hamming it up with a goofy voice. But enough about Adam Sandler... (I kid...mostly.)

That's not to say that The Hangover doesn't have it's share of dirty, nay...filthy, jokes that are most definitely meant for an adult audience. At one point a seemingly gay naked Asian gangster attacks the leads and a tiger is dry humped in the back of a police we aren't talking about sophisticated humor in a British accent.

What makes The Hangover so much fun and such a solid modern comedy is sheer unpredictability and a cast that gels with comic synergy. The first act of this flick is a little slow, but necessary to set up the rest. Four guys head to Las Vegas for one last night of partying before one gets married. They get dressed for the night out and head to the roof for a drink and toast together before getting started. Flash-forward to the next morning as three of them wake up in a demolished room with a chicken, a tiger and no groom. No one has a clue what happened.

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms (The Office) and bushy man-child Zach Galifianakis hold their own as the three groomsmen racing around town attempting to piece together a night they need to remember but may be happy they forgot. The quest puts them in one bizarre situation after another, including encounters with the aforementioned "gangster," a sweet stripper (Heather Graham) and Mike Tyson. Cue hilarity and enjoy.

Rating: B+

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