Thursday, November 5, 2009

TV: Fall 2009 Report Card

The fall season is underway and it's time to evaluate the new and returning shows to grace my TV and take up space on my DVR.

The Office - B

Not as funny as it used to be, but still filled with moments of absolute comedy. The wedding was as charming, awkward and fun as it should have been.

Fringe - A

I'm going to be super-pissed when this piece of brilliance is cancelled. Every episode has at least one moment that makes me freak out.

How I Met Your Mother - B

Alright, I'm ready to know who the mother is and I'm not sure how I feel about Barney/Robin, but apparently that's over now.

Dollhouse - B

Still a bit uneven, but the supporting cast is getting more interesting and the backstory is developing nicely. Word came out today that Fox is cancelling it...not sure if we'll see the rest on TV, but hopefully Whedon will get the chance to film some closure for the DVD.

Mad Men - A

It does deserve all the praise it gets...this season might be the best yet. All of Don's secrets and indiscretions exploded around him and the finale shook up the status quo in a very believable and exciting way.

30 Rock - B+

Quirky as ever, funnier than usual and Alec Baldwin gets more and more brilliant.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - B

Action-packed, smartly animated and almost making me forgive Lucas for Attack of the Clones.

The Big Bang Theory - B+

I want to be a writer on this show...the nerd gags alone are worth it.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - B-

Depravity knows no bounds with this foursome...not always evenly funny, but some moments make me laugh my ass off. ("Kittens in Mittons" was a high point.)

FlashForward - A-

I have no idea where this show is going, but I'm enjoying the trip so far. The most recent episode might have changed the game and I hope that helps pick up the pacing a bit.

Glee - A+

My vote for best new series of the season. A high school series that doesn't try to tweak the stereotypes and familiar runs full-force with them in hilarious and brilliant ways. The gay kid, the cheerleader, the dumb jock...when they burst out in song it doesn't matter.

Modern Family - A

Sitcoms are finally making a comeback and this one is at the top of the list.

Cougar Town - C+

Started strong and I like Courtney Cox in this role, but the bawdy jokes are starting to get predictable.

Community - B

I was a little ambivalent to this show at first, but the Halloween episode was so damn good, I'm officially sold. I love that Chevy Chase doesn't steal the show, that Joel McHale is such a charming cad and Abed should be Batman in every episode.

Stargate Universe - B

I was never a huge fan of the first two Stargate series, mostly because I didn't see enough of them, but this show has a very different feel from what I saw. It's the Deep Space Nine/Battlestar Galactica of the mythos...a little darker, more character driven.

White Collar - B-

This show doesn't deliver anything new in crime "drama," but star Matthew Bomer (previously seen on Chuck) is fun to watch as a smooth con-man turned FBI consultant. USA's motto of "Characters Welcome" is not an exaggeration.

V - C

I know I'm supposed to be in love with this show based on my fond memories of the original but so far, I'm underwhelmed. The pilot condensed the original miniseries into one hour lacking almost any suspense (esp. if you saw any of the myriad trailers ABC ran). This week's second episode really did little to advance the story and it almost feels like the sci-fi element is pushed aside. Sure, we already know where some of this is going, but where are the exciting reveals, the action, the lizard people eating live animals? An alien race is hanging out all over the planet and we're focusing on an FBI agent, her horny son and an alien with an identity crisis? YAWN...

The League - C+

FX keeps pairing comedies with Philly that try to outdo it. Last year's Testees was a disturbing, unfunny mess. The League isn't as crude but still works hard to be very raunchy. I'm drawn by the premise revolving around a fantasy football league.

Heroes - F

I'm done...I made it through three or four episodes of this season and nothing is changing, nothing is interesting and I despise every single character. If you ever have the desire to watch this show, go rent or buy the first season and convince yourself that the show was cancelled immediately after...the lack of closure will be infinitely more satisfying than the subsequent seasons of directionless plotting.

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  1. Haha, agreed on Heroes. I'm glad I saw the first season. And glad I stopped four episodes into season 2. Haven't missed anything, have I? :P

    I love your TV reviews. Keep 'em up!