Thursday, December 30, 2010

Odds and Ends

-- Another honorable mention in my TV blog should have been Luther, the superb BBC miniseries starring The Wire's Idris Elba in the title role of an emotionally overwrought detective who gets a little too attached to his cases. Elba's performance elevates the series above the typical police procedural.

-- Shame on SyFy for cancelling Stargate Universe, easily its only solid series (apologies to Warehouse 13, which is fun but a little silly at times). Caprica was a droll waste, but SGU was the worthy successor to Battlestar Galactica's dark, character driven storytelling. It sounds like the producers might get a chance to properly close out the second season, but this show was getting better with every episode.

-- Alert to Samsung HDTV owners. After owning mine for a little over two years, the capacitors burned out causing a power cycle issue that took anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to turn on the TV. After doing some research, I found out it's a very common issue. Despite being past warranty, Samsung at least allowed a local technician to repair it free of charge, but I've heard the problem can resurface. I'm not sure if newer TVs are being built without these cheaper caps, but buyer beware.

-- V returns to ABC next week. I'm willing to give the new season a couple episodes, but the first was so stunningly bad that it will need to impress in a hurry to keep a place on my DVR.

-- Also returning is the criminally underappreciated Southland to TNT. It's a cop show in the vein of NYPD Blue or Homicide.

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