Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Edition

The Pepsi Max ads might have been the best of the night.

I have no idea was Groupon is about, but that dig at Tibet probably won't make anyone rush to find out.

Volkswagon gets props for two great ads...I'd seen the li'l' Vader one already, but the madcap Beetle was clever, too. needs a new schtick. If anyone is still rushing to their website to see "uncensored" videos when they can go find free porn just as quickly without server overloads...well, you deserve the diappointment.

Trailer recap:

Cowboys & Aliens...dumb title but I'm still psyched for this film.
Thor...I'm sorry, but this looks crazy awesome.
Captain America...I know I should be more excited for this, but I'm actually a little scared. Not sure why.
Rango...this looks pretty clever, unlike Johnny Depp's other film this summer..
Pirates, thank you.
Super 8...not as suspenseful mysterious as Cloverfield promotion was, but Spielberg/Abrams working together? I'm all in.
Battle this the new District 9 or Skyline?
Green Lantern...wait, there wasn't a trailer for this? Nope...score another one for Marvel.

Half time show...ugh...not that I expected a lot or really watched.

Green Bay Packers...NFL yah!

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